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The Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K is an example of technology that can help you with your home theater setup. It’s a sophisticated technology that eliminates the need for massive, heavy set-top boxes. However, you must connect it to the provided AC adaptor, which requires a connection from the TV to the wall. When people learn about this issue, they feel irritated.

Yes, you can use your TV’s built-in USB port to power an Amazon Fire TV Stick. However, this might not be enough to ensure a smooth experience.

While this AC adapter only powers a USB to micro-USB connection, you can consider connecting it to your TV instead. So, can you use that instead of the TV? You’ll be relieved to learn that the Fire TV Stick can be powered via the USB ports on your television. However, to resolve the “insufficient power” warnings, you’ll need a special USB to micro-USB cable.

You may believe it will be prohibitively expensive. It is, however, not pricey. Other options are available to you. But first, let’s clarify our understanding of the Fire TV Stick and then answer the question Can You Power Firestick From TV USB? 

Straightening Out the Hardware

There are a few different versions of the Fire TV Stick on the market. Both the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4k and the Amazon Fire TV Stick are HDMI streaming sticks that require power.

You might believe that the 4K stick pushes 4K content, which necessitates more power than the other. However, this is incorrect. Both HDMI streaming sticks need the same amount of power: 5 volts at 900 milliamps.

You’ll just need a few wires if you use an HDMI streaming stick. If you take the traditional route, you’ll need to find an AC adaptor that requires a power outlet, then connect it to your Fire TV Stick. The better choice is the HDMI streaming stick. If you use the HDMI streaming stick, you will need something for the plugin.

It isn’t a major issue. For some folks, there isn’t always a spark plug available. You’ll quickly run out of plugs if you have extra set-top boxes, speakers, or a video gaming system. You could believe that you can connect it to your TV through USB to acquire power through the micro-USB connector. However, it can result in an error message such as “Insufficient USB power detected.”

When the Fire TV Stick doesn’t have enough power, how will it work?

This fact may appear unusual to you. To turn on, the TV stick requires power. How did it turn on in the first place if it turns on and informs you it doesn’t have enough power? People would think the TV Stick was defective if it turned on with insufficient power, according to Amazon engineers.

You’ll be relieved to learn that the Fire TV Stick contains the necessary hardware to turn on and check the power. When the power level isn’t high enough, this gadget will inform you. You will know what the problem is even if you do not receive the answer. The Fire TV Stick’s USB cord is compatible with the USB AC adapter.

The USB ports function similarly to a flash drive. They have enough power from the television to access files. The Fire TV Stick appears to be a little computer.

Is There a Solution to the Low Power Problem?

Your television has a beefed-up USB port that can power a larger device. Finding this port is quite unlikely. Hardwire is causing more TVs to have them. So, if you turn on the Fire TV, disconnect the USB ports on your TV, and if it works, congratulations.

You do have some options if you get that error. You can use the AC adaptor that is included. This isn’t the ideal answer, but it’s a viable possibility. If there aren’t enough plugs, you’ll need to buy another power strip with extra.

You might look for another USB port that is powered. It’s a different option. If you have newer video game consoles, they may have USB ports with more power than the TV. You might also look for another powered USB and use the cable to power the device. However, it is not without its drawbacks. So, let’s choose the simplest route.

How to Easily Charge the Amazon Fire TV Stick If you don’t have access to a nearby outlet.

You may need to purchase another component for your home entertainment system at the last minute. You want to buy this component for a low cost. You’ll be delighted to learn that the Amazon Fire-Cable Plus solves your dilemma. You can know this component is a specific piece of hardware just by hearing its name.

The cable you’re using is simply a micro-USB cable. Consider what it could be doing to the TV to transfer more power through its USB ports. There is a premium hefty copper inner core that delivers a maximum power supply. Many users claim that after replacing the factory cable with this, the power warning goes away.

So, what exactly is going on here? The length is undeniable. Using a six-inch cable instead of the given five-foot cord may allow for greater power. You could think so; a thicker, larger copper core aids in providing greater power. This technique has assisted many folks with the Fire TV Stick’s AC outlet requirement. As a result, it is worthwhile.


Finally, if you are looking for something that will make your setup easier than these specified configurations, you will be wasting your time and effort. You can’t always take the easy route when it comes to home theaters. It has the potential to destroy your pricey home theater equipment. Can You Power the Firestick From the TV USB? All you need to do to design a superb home theater system is follow a few simple rules and invest some money and time. I hope this makes sense. 

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