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Driving is no fun without good music, right? You will not only love the drive but will be seeking ways to get in your car once you have your favorite track with high-quality sound. Enjoy your travel by selecting the best-suited speaker sizes for your vehicle.

Car speakers are divided into approximate sizes, and it’s up to you or your expert car audio installation to make sure the speakers you choose will suit your vehicle’s measurements.

When it comes to perfecting an aftermarket vehicle audio installation, there is a surprising amount of car speaker sizes available nowadays, and it’s easy to get confused and make the wrong buy. We’ll look at the various Car Speaker Sizes available in this article so you can have the greatest car audio system possible.

  • 4×6 Car Speakers

4×6 Car Speakers are smaller speakers that are often oval. Many 4×6 speakers, on the other hand, come with a rectangle frame that makes installation simple. They’re some of the cheapest speakers you’ll find, but don’t mistake cheap for poor sound quality; you can acquire some nice 4x6s for a lot less than OEM speakers.

Look for a 4×6 speaker with a wide frequency range to generate hard-hitting bass and clean mids and highs. The best 4×6 car speakers will offer a frequency range of roughly 50-20,000 Hz, which is relatively common for aftermarket speakers, even if the lows aren’t quite low enough for a basshead.

  • 5.25 Car Speakers

5.25 speakers are among the most affordable on the market, but don’t mistake low cost for poor sound quality; they generate clean mids and highs. Although the frequency response of most 5.25-inch speakers isn’t low, an average of 50-22,000 Hz provides clean mids and highs, especially when used in conjunction with a subwoofer and larger speakers. 5.25-inch speakers are typically used in conjunction with larger speakers in a comprehensive car radio system, but if you have a small car and bass isn’t important to you, they will suffice as a factory update.

  • 5×7 Car Speakers

The 5.25-inch car speakers are slightly larger than the 5×7 car speakers. Because of their larger size, they are often more powerful than the 5.25 speakers. These are the smallest speakers available, and they come with various installation ports to make installation easy. 

Because most 5x7s have a greater frequency range, you’ll be able to get cleaner lows, though not enough to rock your car. Whatever 5×7 car speakers you choose, they will be a significant upgrade over your OEM speakers. Although the cheaper speakers aren’t as robust as the more expensive ones, the materials and standards are far superior to what you’re used to if this is your first update.

  • 6X8 Car Speakers

The 6×8 speaker is a relatively popular size speaker that is usually used in front doors. They’re a great upgrade from your factory speakers, and they’ll deliver balanced audio with minimal distortion. The better 6×8 speakers have a broader frequency range than most other car speaker sizes, and they generate more depth and clarity in your car’s sound system in general.

6×8 speakers, like any other size woofer, are noted for generating rich and crisp music from lows to highs. The lows on a 6×8 are cleaner, and while it shouldn’t be used in place of a subwoofer, it does have some powerful bass.

  • 6.5 Car Speakers

Many people wonder if 6.5 speakers are the same as 6 1/2 speakers, and the answer is yes. 6.5 car speakers are the most popular size speaker, along with 6×9 speakers. They outperform most other sizes, and there’s a noticeable improvement in low-frequency reproduction, which aids in cleaner bass.

6.5 speakers are also capable of handling more power than speakers of other sizes. This allows them to send more power through the system, resulting in a higher volume than other car speakers of equal size and power handling capabilities. 

6 1/2 car speakers are also less expensive than 6×9 vehicle speakers without sacrificing much sound quality. Of course, any audiophile who desires clean sound without breaking the money will appreciate this.

  • 6X9 Car Speakers

A solid pair of 6×9 speakers will provide you with a listening experience that is more volume capable and offers just what you expect from a speaker. There’s a comm, on the misconception that 6×9 speakers don’t create adequate bass, however, this is simply not true.  If you don’t want to spend more money but still want punchy bass, 6×9 car speakers are the greatest option because they drive the most bass of any other size and provide the best full-range sound without the need for a second sub or amplifier.

They are significantly larger than normal vehicle speaker sizes, so make sure they will fit in your car doors before you buy them.

  • 8 Inch Car Speakers

8-inch subwoofers are a popular choice, especially for those with limited room. However, investing in some 8-inch mid-bass speakers will significantly improve the soundstage in your vehicle.

Many people believe that if you have a solid mid-range plus a subwoofer, you don’t need mid-bass. While this may be true for many individuals, experienced audiophiles will notice a significant difference with a specialized driver focusing on the high bass region between 80 and 350 Hz.

Subwoofers and mid-bass speakers are larger because the lower the frequency, the more air a driver must shift. Of course, because they’re larger than typical car door speakers, not everyone will be able to install them, but an 8-inch car speaker will make a big difference.


We hope you now have a better grasp of car speakers after reading this comprehensive reference about Car Speaker Sizes. You should only replace the old speakers with new speakers of the same size. Now that you know the basic sizes of car speakers, you should be able to choose one for your vehicle. 

Best of luck!

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